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What is Vibrational Medicine ?

Vibrational Medicine, in its use of natural remedies, aims to help the body's own ability to heal through treating the weak point in the system and thereby improving the internal resources of the body.  It can work in tandem with conventional medicine as well as other complementary therapies in achieving this goal.

The term Vibrational  is connected to the field of Quantum Physics where it is found that all living beings (people, animals and plants) have a unique vibrational frequency or energy field.  Kirlian photography is one of several scientific methods which have illustrated the existence of this field.  It was also used to show the gradual decline and finally the complete disappearance of the energy field which indicated the death of the living being.  This was done by using a freshly picked leaf from a tree which therefore still had a strong energy field and photographing it a regular intervals ... as it decayed so did its energy field. 

Vibrational Medicine as taught by the Scottish School of Vibrational Medicine follows the anatomy and physiology of the body in gaining an understanding of a condition.  The remedies however, are often applied to specific Meridians or Chakras of the body and as such Vibrational Medicine can be seen as a meeting between Eastern and Western forms of healing.  In formulating a remedy the many and diverse causes contributing to a condition are identified. These are different in everyone as our genetic make-up is unique to each individual and what may negatively affect one person and give rise to disease, may well be tolerated by another.  It is a holistic approach to healing and as such advice may be given on nutrition and lifestyle.,

Vibrational Medicine addresses a problem within the context of the individual and does not generalise to the wider population.  

In the Scottish School of Vibrational Medicine a dowsing pendulum is used as a diagnostic tool to give a yes/no answer to a series of questions designed to access our body's priority needs to enable it to heal itself.  Further questions enable the practitoner to acquire more information such as, where is the cause of the issue (most likely not the presenting syptom!), at what age did this problem begin and most importantly what does the body need to heal in the way of remedies ie. is it an Electrical, Emotional, Biochemical/Toxin, Immune, Structural or Spiritual problem or a combination of these categories.  Once the remedies have been identified they are combined into a single homeopathic type of remedy (although at a different vibration from "normal" homeopathic remedies) contained within a small glass vial of either brandy or oil.  This remedy is then applied to the body at various energy points to allow the body to recieve the information it needs to heal.

The remedies have been sourced from many countries throughout the world for their unique healing properties and are made from plants, minerals and many other energy sources.

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